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abulaR.com curbs out the stress and risk of sourcing for product and services. To get anything you need, post a demand on abulaR.com and wait for offers from suppliers. Choose your best supplier and make a payment on abulaR.com. Our partner in your location would make sure every trade is successful and scam proof. Your money would remain with us until we are certain your demand has been met.

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Supplying people your products and services has been made very easy! On abulaR.com as a supplier you basically meet with people's demand. To supply a demand, make an offer for the demand and wait for your offer to be accepted by the demander. We pay you when your product has been received and verified by our partner.

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As our partner, we pay you 20% of our commission from the trade you broker. You help us ascertain that the product sent by the supplier is accepted by the demander. Get a commission from each successful trade.

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Invite your friends to join abulaR.com and for every successful demand made by them, you earn 10% of our commission for the transaction fee.

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How It Works


Post A Demand

Mr A posts a demand and waits for potential suppliers to make offers for it.


Make Offer

Mrs B and Miss C sees Mr A's demand and make an offer for it.



Mr A is alerted about these offers and he negotiates with Mrs B and Miss C to get the best deal from either of them.



Mr A accepts the offer of Mrs B and makes the payment with abulaR.com . A supply code is given to Mr A upon successful payment, and Mrs B is alerted about the money with abulaR.com, which she would receive upon successful supply of her product.



Mrs B upon confirmation of her impending income, sends or delivers (if Mrs B is in the same place with Mr A) the product to Miss D, a partner of abulaR.com in Mr A's place. For inter-city trade, Mrs B must send the product through EMS and register the product tracking code with us for her supply to be valid.



Miss D receives the product from EMS and delivers it to Mr A. Mr A upon receipt and his satisfied, provides Miss D the supply code, to close the trade.

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What You Get From Us.


Sort through all demands based on specific criteria set by you. You can also choose to subscribe to these set of demands by creating a channel.


Manage each channel you are subscribed to by varying the frequency with which you get updates or delete it.


Demands are grouped into various categories for better manipulation and comprehension.


An integrated messaging system for updates on offers makes room for a strong and secure communication amongst the involved parties.


Make and receive payment from abulaR.com only, so you are protected from fraud.

Dispute Resolution

All dispute is settled by the abulaR.com community -- a 5-panel committee of random abulaR.com users is set up to arbitrate every issue between a demander and supplier.

More Security, Less risk

We have a system with improved security and reduced the risk of doing business with strangers.


abulaR.com helps you connect with other productive people in the country.

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