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Welcome to abular.com

Join our community of over 7788 users!

Get fulfilled demanding what you need

Or supplying others demand

Or connect people with their demand

What you get from us.

  • Filter

    Sort through all demands based on specific criteria set by you. You can also choose to subscribe to these set of demands by creating a channel.

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  • Channels

    You can manage each channel you are subscribed to by vary the frequency with which you get updates or delete it.

  • Demands

    We have demands grouped into various categories for better manipulation and comprehension by you. Also feel free to make demands whenever you want to and get serviced.

  • Chat

    You discourse and negotiate offers with demanders or suppliers.

  • Payment

    You can make and receive payment from Abular.com only, so you are protected from fraud.

  • Dispute Resolution

    All dispute is settled by the Abular.com community -- a 5-panel committee of random Abular.com users is set up to arbitrate every issue between a demander and supplier.

    Dispute Resolution
  • Security

    We have put in place, to the best of our knowledge, a secured system.

  • Communication

    Strong and secure communication amongst the involved parties is greatly encouraged, as we have an integrated messaging system for updates on offers, demand and supply processes amongst the involved parties.

  • Connection

    Abular.com helps you connect with other productive people in the country.


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